21st Annual Buick/Olds/Cadillac Race. Norwalk, OH 7/08/18

Discussion in 'Buick Events and Clubs' started by Jake at DMR, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Jake at DMR

    Jake at DMR New Member

    Passing the word along! We'd love to see more Buicks out there this year. So far so good, but the more the merrier! I try and get to the forums to answer questions as often as possible, but time is limited these days. To keep up to date, check us out at the bold links below.

    Race Flyer on Website
    Our Facebook Page
    Event Page

    2018 Race Flyer Text Flat.jpg
  2. Gallagher

    Gallagher Founders Club Member

    One week away.
    Anyone else planning on attending?
  3. Bens99gtp

    Bens99gtp Well-Known Member

    Wish I could motor in car but no way to get it all completed by then, might just swing by to enjoy the show
  4. kent.gardner

    kent.gardner Well-Known Member

    We are planning on being there.
  5. christy staunto

    christy staunto Well-Known Member

    I am planning on been there

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