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    Alright, I think I'm on the home stretch. Famous last words. Got the fan off and installed. Didn't realize it was press fit on there, bit of finessing and it came off. Got some belts I think are going to work, and a kickdown cable. Radiator brackets made and installed with V8 rad. Transmission cooler lines hooked up. Not the greatest, but I think they'll be alright. I'll take more pictures of the specifics tomorrow. My brackets got a little out of hand today, so I was busy getting those on track. In the morning I'm going to chop up the radiator shrouds for clearance, and reinstall them and the rad. And then maybe put some fluids in and crank up the juice.
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    Like I said, famous last words. Got my fan shrouds cut and cleaned up. The bottom fits how I want, but the top needs a bit of upward spacing somehow. Thats a problem for later. After getting the rad back in and all hooked up, I made sure all my hoses were tight. I started filling the trans and got three and a half quarts in, and back out the tube it went. The ATF settled down to a proper level on the dipstick, but the previous owner notched a side out of the pan. So I hope the level isn't too far off. I figured it'd be empty aside from the torque converter so I was going for broke. Then, I started filling up the rad while waiting for the ATF to go down the tube. Had about three quarters of the rad full, when I start washing the floor. Turns out it was loose bolts on the water neck. Got that fixed and put the battery back in. After some loose wire searching, I got it to crank over. Got fuel, but no start and no oil pressure. Kinda took the wind out of my sails, so I called it a day. I didn't check for spark, but if its there, I think its the timing. Not sure about the oil pressure though. I also realized I had my damn fan belt on wrong. Hard to turn when its not connected to the crank pulley. Ended up using the power steering belt off the V6. So I've got some messing around left to do, but everything is in, holds fluid, and cranks over. And I got this trick oil drain plug from the parts store. Its got a nice grip on it so you can twist it off without a wrench.

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    You can prime the oil system by pulling the 12v off the distributor coil temporarily

    Spin the engine with the starter until you see oil pressure on the gage.

    Then reconnect the ignition voltage to the hei and start it up with oil pressure.

    Nice work, can't wait to hear its on the road!

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