350 Flywheel

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by Mos'72, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Mos'72

    Mos'72 Member

    Looking for sbb flywheel, no problem if it needs turned.
  2. cpk 71

    cpk 71 im just a number

    I have one but it needs a ring gear! Totally chewed up,did a online search for one but nothing panned out
  3. toymobile

    toymobile Retired knuckle buster

    NAPA sold the ring gear couple years ago???
  4. agetnt9

    agetnt9 Agetnt9 (Dan)

    got 1 off a 72 GS350. It's dam heavy, like 35 pounds or so. good gear needs turned $ 50. but, it's another $ 50 USPS to ship to ya. Don't think ya want to do that but if ya can't find one. It's up to U.
  5. Mos'72

    Mos'72 Member

    Im wondering if the ring gear off a jeep or v6 flywheel would work?
  6. agetnt9

    agetnt9 Agetnt9 (Dan)

    I think so if it has 160 teeth
  7. cpk 71

    cpk 71 im just a number

    153 I think
  8. CARHEX1


    I have one 20 plus shipping off a 71 350

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