350 TA intake

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    My dad has a 65 Skylark with 71 350 wants a TA or Edelbrock intake I gave him my 600 cfm Edelbrock carb . I'm in central Ca

    DEADMANSCURVE my first word : truck

    no edelbrock intakes for the 350 .
    for TA intakes keep an eye out in "parts for sale" or check out TA products at www.taperformance.com
    The TA dual plane is a dual pattern mount so no adapter needed . you may want to consider a plate/gasket kit ( ck edelbrock# 2732 . inexpensive ) for under the carb to avoid a vacuum leak problem . recommended for some similar intakes when using an edelbrock or holley carb .
    the 600 should be ok for low rpm cruisin' etc . if you mod the motor and push it a little might have to consider something in the 750 range .
    a well set up q-jet should give it all it needs . can check with ken or mark here at V8Buick .

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