430 in 1966 special

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  1. Dragnknights

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    Good evening guys. I finished my 430 build and now it’s time to install it into my 66 special. Problem is, it doesn’t fit (to put it mildly. I have
    TA frame pads and Ta Headers but I can’t fit the headers, they’re also in the way of the Z bar and I need to go about an 11/2 back to get the motor mounts to line up, but I only have about 1/2 “ of clearance between the valve covers and fire wall. I’ve done a lot of motor swaps before, and I know this isn’t easy, but something just seems fundamentally wrong here. Any help would be great if you’ve done this swap before.
  2. wkillgs

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    Do you have the 64-67 frame pads or the 68-72 ones? The early ones have an offset.
  3. Dragnknights

    Dragnknights Active Member

    Thanks for the response Walt,
    I assume to have the 64-67 pads. I noticed an off set, and called TA and spoke to their technical guy when I ordered this stuff.
  4. GS464

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    Only thing that comes to mind, assuming the frame pads actually are the right parts, is the tail of the transmission lower than the front of the engine? That might account for the funky angles and fitment.
  5. GranSportSedan

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    there are no current headers offered that fit in a 64-67 chassis with a big block and 4 speed. there will be much header tube adjustment required. in fact even an automatic 64-67 car will require header tube adjustment to fit
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    Red solo cup?? ws

  7. yachtsmanbill

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    Hey DK... what did you do about a flywheel? I cant blow 400.00 on a billet job. Anything else gonna fit the 430/455? Thanks! ws

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