455 A/C Sanden Compressor bracket

Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by LonghornSS, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    Ok gotcha. I did design this bracket similar to the 70-72 original Aluminum bracket but made the modifications to make it work with the 508 compressor. This makes it easier for those guys who do not have an original A/C bracket.
  2. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    I have 3 more of these brackets Cut and ready to be Welded if anyone is interested. Turn around time right now is usually a couple of days.
  3. mazzy70

    mazzy70 Bill

    Does anyone know if this would fit properly on a big Buick? Would like to do this on a 76 Electra if everything fit properly.
  4. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone, I just sold the last of another round of brackets Recently. Let me know is there is any interest and I can get another set of brackets going from the Laser shop.
  5. Chuck Striker

    Chuck Striker New Member

    I PM'd you but I am writing here to add to the forum. I have a 71' Lesabre with a 350 that I recently purchased a vintage air system for to install this winter. This forum discusses using your bracket design on a 455 but I was wondering if it would work on a 350? I know these 2 engines are completely different blocks but do share some interchangeability in some components. With me not being a expert in all things Buick, I am writing here to see if the bolt patterns for accessories on a 350 would be compatible. Would love to purchase one of your brackets if I could use it as the aftermarket industry has really ignored us Buick owners in many categories, especially this one. Thanks!
  6. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    Does this bracket Fit a 350 Buick Yes.
    Just keep in mind I have designed this bracket to work in place of the original Alternator mount on a heater car, or it completely replaces the bracket of an A/C car. They were designed specifically on a 70 Skylark 455. But I have personally installed them on a 68 350 skylark as well. If your car did not come with A/C pulleys you will have to be sure you have the proper ones because the belt routing for this bracket is the same as the factory A/C cars. I do outline proper belt lengths with factory pulleys in the instruction packet if anyone purchases a bracket.

    I cannot speak personally to the fitment of the bracket on any other model of car, be it Riviera, Le sabre or other wise but I can not see there being to much issue with them fitting anything else. I did have one guy install one on his hotrod!

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