455 Power Steering brackets

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by cnordy00, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. cnordy00

    cnordy00 Well-Known Member

    converting my 72 skylark from a 350 to a 455
    Looking for the power steering brackets to attach the power steering pump
  2. ToddsGS

    ToddsGS Founders Club Member

    Are you going to be using 1971/72 Pullies ?

    Long shaft water pump or standard 1970 version ?

    I have some brackets here but need a bit more information about your current set up. . . .

    The brackets I have are the 1971 / 1972 version. They're in Mint Condition and have been bead blasted.

    You won't want to mix and match pullies! Let me know what you have and we can go from there. (Even if you just have part numbers I can decipher what you have) OR need. :)

    I have Bolt Kits for whatever set up you end up running also (IF needed)


  3. cnordy00

    cnordy00 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Todd!!
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  4. BrunoD

    BrunoD Looking for Fast Eddie

    Hate to tell you this,but the 71=72 power steering brackets are the same for the BBB and the SBB.Correct me if I'm mistaken.Bruno.
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  5. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    Correct same setup for both 350 and 455 in 71 72 a body

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