5 years in the making 72 buick skylark GSX tribute..Finally done PICS

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by 72gsBuick, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. 72gsBuick

    72gsBuick Never Say Never..

    Well, after so many days of struggle and waiting and waiting, i have finally got my buick painted, fresh paint...not done yet, just thought id post pics and see what you guys think...Before and after...from bodyshop to bodyshop here is the final result..Hope you like it i do, still needs to be color sanded but looks great





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  2. Tyler Northcutt

    Tyler Northcutt Just an old pile of parts

    I like the paint. Glad that you finally got it painted.
  3. Joe65SkylarkGS

    Joe65SkylarkGS 462 ina 65 Lark / GN

    Looks awsome.:dollar: :dollar: I wish mine had paint like that!!:beer
  4. Hector

    Hector '79 Buick Limited

    Great looking car,I really like that third picture.I can't remember ever seeing a red GSX themed car(or original for that matter)before,it looks good.What are you planning for wheels and tires?Keep up the good work!
  5. Turbo455

    Turbo455 James

    That looks kick a$$:TU::beer
  6. 72gsBuick

    72gsBuick Never Say Never..

    Thanks, Beleive it or not it took me allot of hard work and effort to get it to where its at, being kind of picky i had to make a wise choice as far as paint, it is off a 2008 dodge charger, took me forever to pick the color, anyways i wanted to go with 17 inch buick ralleys, but are somewhat expensive, i wanted to go pro street but at the same time i like pro touring, but might even go with some z06 corvette wheels, or even some coys elanor style wheels, not sure..its kind of a test fit situation on whether i like it or not, ill keep you guys posted..
  7. V8Sky

    V8Sky "Scarlett"

    The red/black GSX paint scheme looks great on your car! Congrats!
  8. 72gsBuick

    72gsBuick Never Say Never..

    Thanks ill keep the pics coming as i progress..
  9. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    Good ole Red and Black. One of my favorites, as you can tell.

    We have the 15" Buick Ralley's made to work with the 12.5" in back and the skinnys up front.

    What color is you interior going to be?
  10. Mr. Wright

    Mr. Wright Well-Known Member

    Love the red paint, great choice.:TU:
  11. upstaged

    upstaged Well-Known Member

    The car looks great !! Be persistent in the completion of your Buick. I also finished a 5 year frame off on my Stage 1 convertible too. Look under One of 15 on this thread. Upstaged in Snowy / Cold Michigan. Merry Christmas.
  12. Looks great. I think paint and body is one of the most exspensive and hardest things to get done. you can do everything else a little at a time as you have the money..

  13. 72gsBuick

    72gsBuick Never Say Never..

    THanks guys for all the good compliments, Same here with all your great cars, hoping to get to your stage soon, so hopefully by the end of this year (couple more days) ill have this thing running, i have the interior allready and the engine aswell, just trying to give it a couple days to comepletly dry up, we have cold weather right now so i dont want to rush things on freshly painted paint, but tomorrow hopefully ill have it running.. THe interior is going to be black, wanted white but would not match and its harder to maintain.. Well ill keep you updated as i finish it off, thanks
  14. kick71

    kick71 Mike

    looks great! keep the pics comin, lets hear it when you get her running.
  15. BitchenBuick

    BitchenBuick Well-Known Member

    it looks great...how much did it cost?
  16. 72gsBuick

    72gsBuick Never Say Never..

    Well things started to add up, most of the hardwork was done in my previous home town down in southern california, mainly just ding and dent removal, that was about 400 bucks, but it was a friend who did it, no bondo just that stud welder...bodywork was about 1000 bucks which was just to block it, and paint was 1500 bucks alone plus labor which was 4000...total came out to about 7000k...looks good, better than i though, cant wait to see it polished.:Brow:
  17. 72gsBuick

    72gsBuick Never Say Never..

    Re: 5 years in the making 72 buick skylark GSX tribute Computer Generated Pics

    Was playing around with the computer to see what kind of rims it would fit and came up with this, this is just all computer generated pics this is the 3rd pic above with rims and front end work and other computer work done to it, let me know what you guys think, again this is all fake as you can see but as soon as im done with it im hoping to look something like this..

  18. DenaSkylark

    DenaSkylark Member

    Congrats the paint and color selection is great... Only the family on this board and other car guys understand the time, hardwork, and persistence you need to pull something like this off. Believe it or not the build up is the best part about this life for me.
  19. 72gsBuick

    72gsBuick Never Say Never..

    yea, now that everything is written down on paper, i should start assembling as soon as i get some other little parts, its great, i feel like ive accomplished allot now that the paint is done..:TU:
  20. Dale Hertz

    Dale Hertz Well-Known Member

    Car looks Great.

    Nice computer work also.:TU:

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