$50 paint job

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by Skylark350, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Madcat455

    Madcat455 Need..more... AMMO!!!

    But instead of sanding that, and putting another coat, repeat...lol.

    I just sanded it and went the flat primer route. I've allways liked the "primer" look for some reason.


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  2. EveeSTi

    EveeSTi Well-Known Member

    I've started the $50 paint job, I'll take some pics later.

    So far this is what I did, I had a lot of surface rust so I sanded the whole car with 80 grit on an electric pad sander. I ground only the rusty parts to sheet metal, the rest almost all the way but still left some paint on.

    I painted with one coat, approx. 50/50 black gloss rustoleum and mineral spirits. I gave it another coat about an hour after, basically just thickening the first coat.

    Then I sanded the whole car with 220 grit, because I used fibrous rollers and not foam, so I had lots of little fibers. Also I learned that with those rollers you cant use a lot of paint or you get tons of bubbles, which I sanded out. I laid another coat yesterday, looks much better using less paint on the rollers.

    But now I got foam rollers, and I'm going to try that later this week. I'll keep you guys updated, and I'll get pics up ASAP.

    Thoughts thus far - I don't intend on making it a show car, just something presentable, which it certainly wasn't before I started. That being said, I'm very pleased so far with the results, and I have full confidence that it will keep getting better as I add more and more paint.
  3. 71buickskylark

    71buickskylark Buicks kick A$$!!

    Sounds like you're on the right track! Hope to see some pics soon. :kodak:
  4. EveeSTi

    EveeSTi Well-Known Member

    Well here are some pics, this is 2 coats in, I have no garage so I'm doing this on the side of the street. I also wasn't using foam rollers, which I realized only after these coats, so the next 4-6 coats will be with foam and will probably look much better, but as it is she looks good so far!

  5. Turbo455

    Turbo455 James

    look'n good so far, Keep the pix comm'n. did you use rustolium and what part number is the black. I am going to start my 72 soon. Everyone laughs when i tell them what i am going to do. I cant wait to show them your pix as it moves along. Your car looks better than mine and you are only on the first day of coats.:TU:
  6. EveeSTi

    EveeSTi Well-Known Member

    I did use rustoleum, part number V7579. Although sadly my local store ran out of it and since this is just the first few coats I'm switching to something they had more than enough of, which is still Rustoluem gloss black, only its now V7779. 4 to 6 coats on top of this and I probably won't have any problems with it.
  7. Turbo455

    Turbo455 James

    Did you take moor pictures today, lets see day 2.:grin:
  8. J-(Chicago)

    J-(Chicago) Well-Known Member

    The flash didn't work so hot at sunset, I was trying to show off the shine, but it just turned out fuzzy. Here you go anyway.
    The shine in the back window looks good on the sig pic at least.

    Rustoleum "Smoke Gray" in a gallon can, mixed 2 parts paint to 1 part acetone in a Lacquer touch up gun using a 2 gal brad nailer compressor.

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  9. J-(Chicago)

    J-(Chicago) Well-Known Member

    oh..... and
    yes i taped the handle
    no I don't have a back seat. (wheelhouse mod)
  10. J-(Chicago)

    J-(Chicago) Well-Known Member

    Now your car isn't going to be all original ....................
    since you lost some of the factory air in your tire:laugh:
  11. EveeSTi

    EveeSTi Well-Known Member

    haha yeah I thought about replacing it but I have a set of cragars and the tires are on their way in, so I'll just use fix-a-flat for the moment. stupid baltimore roads...
  12. waijo355

    waijo355 Well-Known Member

    Koolies, im gonna give this a jam soon too, on my 67 Riviera.

    Ive read thew whole thread but am still unsure.....can u either spray paint (gun) it on or roller it??? Which gives the better end product???

  13. sharkmonkey

    sharkmonkey Give me something to hit!

    Yeah, I kind of have that same question except I was wanting to try a Wagner Power Stainer.
  14. J-(Chicago)

    J-(Chicago) Well-Known Member

    I sprayed mine with a 25 dollar Husky touch up gun.
    I had to refill it a lot, but it worked out ok. I used a little 2 gallon compressor as well. It worked out ok because while I added more paint to the cup, the compressor would refill.
    I used 2 parts paint to one part acetone, and bought the paint in a 1 gallon can at Home depot. Also used and thinned their primer.
    It took a week or 2 to dry though, because it is oil based and was thinned.
    I practiced painting on my jack stands and a $20 dollar boneyard fender. Testing out how the different spray patterns layed down.

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  15. Tim N.

    Tim N. Platinum Level Contributor

    Any updates/pics?
  16. BBSkylark

    BBSkylark Well-Known Member

    Ok I have been reading about this technique all week and decided to dive into it this weekend... I prepped and rolled on my first coat last night. It was around 10 PM I went out there at around 8:30am this morning and the paint is still tacky. Is this normal? I am also having problems with the paint running. Is this because I mixed in too much mineral spirits or not enough? Any help would be greatly appriciated. I am going to try to master this technique by the time my car comes out of winter storage im hoping for good results :)

    Thanks, Erik
  17. Turbo455

    Turbo455 James

    more spirits will make it runny. each coat is supposed to be very light. maybe your trying to make your coats to thick, try thinner coats:Do No:
  18. 71buickskylark

    71buickskylark Buicks kick A$$!!

    Make sure your ratio is 1 to 1. That's 1 part spirits and 1 part paint. How many coats are you applying at once?
  19. BBSkylark

    BBSkylark Well-Known Member

    Ok i know my ratio was not quite 1 to 1. I think my coat was too think. I am trying to apply 1 coat at a time. I am still waiting for it to dry in this cold weather. When it dries I will try to wet sand it to what is no too bad and start over.

    Thanks, Erik
  20. BBSkylark

    BBSkylark Well-Known Member

    Well the paint dried and looks 100 times better. Next weekend I am going to wet sand it and put some more coats on. Ill try to post a pic when I eventually get it done.

    Thanks, Erik
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