55 roadmaster with dynaflow ujoint sources?

Discussion in 'Classic Buicks' started by gnu01, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. gnu01

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    Hey im new here an having a very hard time sourcing a front u-joint for my 55 it has the oem dynaflow . Any one know of alternate sources for this u-joint an its propeller shaft bearing ? as the car has started vibrating hard right in the middle this summer. any help is appreciated.
  2. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    Bob's Automobila in Ca. specializes in the older Buick's.
  3. gnu01

    gnu01 Member

    checked with them no good . but thanks
  4. Smartin

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  5. mobileparts123

    mobileparts123 Well-Known Member

    Those outfits that the people mentioned are mostly Chineseum parts selling outfits.... You ARE going to need N.O.S. -- ONLY ---

    I may be able to assist you.... Due to forum rules, I can't leave you my phone number here?!?!? P.M. me if interested
    & I will investigate......
  6. flynbuick

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    There is no such forum rule.
  7. mobileparts123

    mobileparts123 Well-Known Member

    Oh, okay then, thank you, I am always willing to be up front and honest....
    Always best to simply call me -- Craig -- 516 - 485 - 1935.....
  8. gnu01

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    I think I have found a solution , theres a spring an drive shaft shop nearby I spoke to that believes they can install a slightly bigger u-joint in my yokes, going to give them a shot the guy seemed real confident this wouldn't be a problem. onece I get it to them I will keep anyone else interested posted on the results.
  9. 322bnh

    322bnh Well-Known Member

    Once you get it apart you will see why this will not work. We know that you want to get all the parts on hand before disassembly, but you really need a diagnosis before proceeding with a fix.
  10. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    I think the big reason you can’t find that part listed anywhere is because it is super rare that it fails. It’s constantly lubricated by trans fluid, unlike the rear U joint. I have a feeling that once it’s apart, the dimensions can be cross referenced to a modern part.
  11. 322bnh

    322bnh Well-Known Member

    Search part no 5665605. I found nothing, so serviceable used is it.
    Your service manual should show that it is attached to the splines of the output shaft and is bolted to it...the back end engages the bushing in the torque ball and the splines of the drive shaft is inserted. Strange, but durable part!
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  12. John Codman

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    I have never heard of one failing, but somebody somewhere has one of these differential and driveshaft assemblies kicking around. There was a post here a while back about a gut putting a Hemi in a '55 (I think) Buick. He was putting a modern suspension in the car. If you can find the post, maybe he has the parts that you need.
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