57 Roadmaster 75 Coupe

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    The 57's are growing on trees here, it seems. The same owner of the black car I just delivered has this coupe he has been getting ready during the last couple years. It was found on a Facebook page called "Abandoned and neglected vehicles." I alerted him to it and he did all the leg work to find and buy the car. Not a terribly rusty car, but has some key spots that need attention.

    For the time being, I will do some rust repair while I wait for the next big project to roll in. It has a bit of rocker work and front quarter panel patching to do. There are a couple really small floor spots that popped through when we poked at it yesterday, too.

    This is a fairly rare car already, being a Roadmaster 75 coupe. It also has the later model year two-tone paint scheme. Most of the 57 two tone cars are separated at the sweep spear. This particular car has a special stainless piece at the bottom edge of the C pillar that separates the two colors. It is supposed to be Dover White roof over Sylvan Grey body. Sylvan Grey does not show up on the 57 color chart. It comes up on the 58 color chart first on the list displayed as a "57 Spring color." It's a metallic grey with a green tint.

    Looking forward to getting this back on the road! It will be going home for a while to let the owner do some more prep work before I do body and paint. We are shooting for BCA nationals 2022. It seems like a long way away, but it'll come fast.

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