64 Electra 225 4dr Hardtop in FL

Discussion in 'Junkyard Jewels' started by GStage1, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. GStage1

    GStage1 Always looking for parts!

    Local yard just got this car in....don't know if the trunk has the missing trim/bumpers/tlites etc.

    Will be back in the yard on Wed/Thur.

    If you see something you need, please post here first and then email me direct ....thanks!


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  2. cstanley-gs

    cstanley-gs Silver Mist

    Wow that dash sure looks pretty
  3. urbancowboy0307

    urbancowboy0307 Silver Level contributor

    sure does, that steering wheel looks good too!
  4. photobugz

    photobugz 1965 Skylark

    I'd be in line for that steering wheel, depending on price + shipping to 98032.

    Jeff ~
  5. GStage1

    GStage1 Always looking for parts!

    Wheel is in decent shape for 48+ years old...please email
    me direct...heading to the yard Wed morn...thanks!

    Car appears to be a senior citizen car and some punk got it and ruined it.
  6. cobravii

    cobravii Well-Known Member


    I am looking for the A/C housing on the firewall side and the rubber duct that goes from the heater to the defrost vent on the top off the dash at the base of the windshield.

    Let me know if this is something that s possible.

  7. GStage1

    GStage1 Always looking for parts!

    Should not be a problem getting the firewall box and rubber duct...thanks for the direct email.

    Here is a list of items I am getting on Wed:

    1. All seat belts
    2. Steering column
    3. AC firewall/evap box
    4. Duct work
    5. Steering wheel
  8. 63Wildcat465

    63Wildcat465 New Member

    Hi George,
    I would be interested in the Turn Signal Lever & Steering Wheel Tilt Lever, Kleenex Dispenser & the Autronic Eye on the Dash.
    Let me know if you can get these and prices.

  9. GStage1

    GStage1 Always looking for parts!

    Column levers will go with the column which is already requested.
    Will email you later today and send pics of the tissue box and autronic eye.
  10. tom_gonzalez@ve

    tom_gonzalez@ve Well-Known Member

    I am interested in the Guide Matic amplifier from under the glove box portion of the dash.
  11. GStage1

    GStage1 Always looking for parts!

    Got everyone's parts including Tom's.

    Have pics of the wheel...has some cracks/splits...to be expected for a 48+ year old wheel.

    Please email me direct so I can send wheel pics.

    Trunk is full of all trim items/switches/stainless/armrests etc.
  12. jhoppeolds

    jhoppeolds Well-Known Member

    George, I could use the timing cover. Will email you direct. Thanks, John.
  13. Roadmaster49

    Roadmaster49 Well-Known Member

    wow that car is loaded. I am glad some have asked for parts. Autronic eye applies in multiple years and is a desirable GM option, grab it (some one) Cruise switch and as much of the cruise as is left, they are also desirable.
  14. GStage1

    GStage1 Always looking for parts!

    Has vacuum trunk too.......electronic eye set-up sold

    If anyone needs other parts....should be back there on Mon/Tue.
  15. Wildcat russ

    Wildcat russ Member

    How much for the hood and shipped to ri
  16. cobravii

    cobravii Well-Known Member

    LOL... I sent you an e-mail today and just now realized how old this post is. Please disregard UNLESS there are parts still available ;-)
  17. GStage1

    GStage1 Always looking for parts!

    This car is long gone...thought I deleted this post
  18. Junkman

    Junkman Well-Known Member

    Oh geez. I never looked at the date. Too bad , I just got a '63 Electra convertible that needs some parts that car had. Oh well.
  19. philbquick

    philbquick Founders Club Member

    I remember that car! I spent a week in Pa digging through salvage yards looking for a nailhead timing cover and damper pulley, got back to Fl and there was this one 10 miles away. That engine was painted olive drab.
  20. cobravii

    cobravii Well-Known Member

    What are you looking for? I have a collection of '64 parts that may interchange.

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