64 skylark disk brakes with 14" rims

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  1. Bill Feiner

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    I'm sure this has been touched on before but I am looking for a front disk brake conversion kit for my 64 skylark that will work with my 14" rims. I would like a kit that has new spindles and everything required to do the swap. I just bought the car and the rims and tires are new so I dont want to have to replace them.
    I am going to replace the coils and shocks while I have it all apart and am looking for suggestions on what to buy there. A nice smooth ride is my biggest concern.
    Thanks, Bill
  2. TrunkMonkey

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    On my 1964 Skylark, I used Wilwood brakes and CCP spindles (all they have are 2 inch drop), and my stock 14" rally wheels fit without spacers and no interference.

    The 15" rally wheels I ordered need a spacer (about 1/4-3/8") to keep the rims from hitting the calipers, but that was from my not measuring the setback correctly when I ordered the rims).

    I would need to go though my records to find the parts. If you want me to do that, let me know.

    I also used UMI Stage II suspension and ProForge steering links during the conversion.
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  4. woody1640

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    Personally I like the Scarebird kit, and I recommend it to anyone & everyone in the 61-63 groups. Parts are all easily available (as well as replacements when needed).

    But if you would rather spend more money that is up to you!

  5. gstewart

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    I believe that several years ago, Baer was the 1st or one of the 1st to supply aftermarket disc brakes that worked with regular rims. I remember seeing them installed on a '66 chevelle.

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