64' Skylark Trim (For Sale)

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by BigBlockSkylark, Jun 26, 2015.

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    Currently I have a 64 Skylark. Since I am making this old rod a sleeper, I will not be using the trim that came on the car, and in the trunk wrapped in plastic and a blanket. I took it out and I have most of the trim for that body style. I'm willing to sell in pieces but I would really prefer to sell it all at once. If someone is interested may it be you, your family or friend. Please contact me at 480-544-7056. I'm willing to ship it out anywhere, I am currently in North Phoenix, Arizona. Don't be afraid to text me with an offer or suggestion. I know that trim goes for a-lot of money but I am willing to put it down a bit, just send me your offer either by phone or personal message on the forums. Just thought this community would be interested in some old trim that's been stored for a long time. OH! Almost forgot! The trim is in very good condition, just some rubbing compound and it will look straight out of the factory from the 60's! Just text if you want some pictures. This is really important that I sell this trim, every penny would go towards my motor. BBB or nothing! Have a good day everyone! Remember don't be afraid to pull an offer! :TU:

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