64 Wildcat conv...bondo over rust...

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    A few years back, I bought a '65 Skylark conv off of eBay...more than a few I guess...probably 10 + a few...small V8, 2 spd automatic...put on some new radials, couple of ball joints, polished the back window with lacquer thinner followed by plastic polish until I could see through it. Started every time, and drove where I wanted to go, nice and smooth. Sold it at the end of the season like I often do. Bought lots of cranky stuff since. Forward to a week ago. Praying I'd make it home in last year's summer deal, I passed her on the side of the road. Whoa! Gotta check her out. Afraid to stop, I continued home, remembering her form, tucked on the side of the road. Voluptuous would have to be the description. Kind of a big girl. Any curves were pretty gradual...but still...A couple of days passed and I decided I had to go back. I had to see her again. I got it in my head that a good deal would be between $x and $y. I pulled up and checked the sign. Half of $x!! Really? OK there was some bondo. And there was rust underneath. And lots of metal from other cars, maybe a washing machine...and some more rust. The '70s 'restoration' with bondo and fiberglass looked good enough to sell the car once, maybe again. Doors were open, ignition not locked, turn the switch, pump twice, she fired up. A little tick tick tick, but pretty smooth! Console shift, reverse, brakes, forward, brakes...door still opened when I sat in it...gotta call this guy! Finally got him around lunch, and made a deal to get there when he got home from work. Checked it some more, got the story of the car, made a deal and the seller drove the car to my house. Have to do a little structural rescue on the trunk and rear mounts, and then I hope there is enough metal connected to pass inspection. Really wanted to go for a ride. Got the rear bumper off tonight with the help of the hot wrench. Access is now much better!
    I am sure there is a Buick club in Western MA, near Springfield. If anyone is a member that is reading this, please introduce yourself. Going to be looking for parts; sheet metal first most likely.
    Wayne (57Wayne)
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    I am in Springfield, Chicopee area and would like to find local clubs to this part of the area too!

    hit me up if you need anything, if I can help I will be there.

    good story, post up some pics when you get a chance.

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    Welcome to the board. Any pictures of your new girlfriend?

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