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Discussion in 'Interior City' started by Matt D, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Hi - I have a complete '64 Wildcat long console with a tachometer that I want to install in my '64 LeSabre. I have the complete assembly including all the linkages. I know I have to change the lever on the ST 400. My question is - does anyone have a picture where the hole in the floor pan is exactly located and what it looks like? I have the boot and retainer but it just isn't an easy placement. The console 'drops' into place on the floor pan making that install easy. The boot and retainer isn't as obvious as you would think. If anyone has a few pictures showing what a Wildcat with a long console (automatic transmission) floor pan looks like I would be extremely grateful. Thanks, Matt D
  2. chriswildcat

    chriswildcat 63 Wildcat conv.

    Not the greatest picture, but it does show the hole in the floor. This is a 64 Wildcat. 100_0392.jpg These holes were obviously cut with a torch on the assembly line. My 63 Wildcat linkage hole is cut out the same way. One of my 63 parts cars had the dealer prep air condition package and the one large cut out on the firewall was also cut with the precision of a cutting torch. The low volume of console cars did not warrant a separate floor pan stamping. Just an observation I have made.....


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