65 Riviera GS , $84K

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by corvettzo, May 18, 2018.

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  2. JR Wills

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    Prior Owner, Dr. Larry Rose of Houston, used to race a "QQ" GSX in the 80s,(Sold Over seas) then had a 69 GS, called "Orthodontics" (he was/is a Dentist).
    I don't know where that car went.
    I find it interesting, that Larry just basically abandoned the car. Could have been when he got into Racing?
    Haven't heard from or about him in Years , since he quit racing his Gen 4 Firebird, painted in Orange & Black Tiger Stripes, & sponsored by Exxon.
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    Sold on ebay last month for $45k to the dealer that put it on BAT. Was listed on ebay last October and only got to $24k, asked owner for "buy it now" price, and he didn't have one. After auction ended in October he said he decided to keep the car.

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