66 Riviera shifter problems

Discussion in 'Classic Buicks' started by 66GS425, Jul 22, 2019.

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    Hello All:
    I am having a problem and could use your help. My '66 Riv GS has a column shifter. Recently I had headers installed to a mostly factory dual exhaust (except at the collector). Since then I have noticed that it becomes physically difficult to shift when the car has been run for ten or fifteen minutes. I generally have to shut the engine in drive, let the car sit another 10 minutes or so before I can put it in PARK or if restarting , back in DRIVE. Under the hood, I disconnected the cotter pin to the trans linkage, nothing seems out of place. There doesn't appear to be anything impeding linkage travel. I cannot imagine heat is expanding the metal so significantly as to have the linkage rod hit the firewall, a good 1/2" or more.

    Hopefully I have overlooked something little, or better still someone else has had the same problem and overcame it. Thanks for your help. Paul
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    Since you have ruled out any possible fault it then has to be the impossible. Try to insulate the headers were it is adjacent to the linkage.

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