66 Special AC vacuum lines

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    does anybody have a diagram/picture of how the vacuum lines come out of the firewall and where they go to? I think my 66 special has 3 lines coming out of the firewall but I have no idea how they are routed or where they go. Also there a big vacuum actuator I think on the evap case under the hood and I may need a new one. Is that for the fresh air door from the cowl? I replaced al of the cables under the dash and now trying to button everything up. Thanks in advance, Bill
  2. I know the Team Buick site has the chassis manual for the 66, and I’m pretty sure it had the vacuum diagram for the entire system. Not sure if it helps, but here’s a pic of my Skylark, though it has 4 lines coming out of the firewall. Two go to the vacuum actuator, one went to the heater control valve, and one supplied manifold vacuum.
    My printout that describes the system operation is out in the car and I don’t recall which function that vacuum canister controls off the top of my head, but I can grab it in the morning if need be.

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