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  1. 67blue_sky

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    Getting ready to do the interior on my 67. Ive owned the car for 30 years and have been slowly over the last 10 years completely rebuilding it. I really want to go with a cloth interior with the original pattern. Car was originally a split bench with armrest in the Dove color scheme. I've been working with Legendary and since I want a white interior (No AC) and want it to look like it might have come from the factory, they recommended metal parchment, or Ivory white with Houndstooth cloth similar to a 69 camaro. Thoughts?

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  2. My3Buicks

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    It would look like a Chevy interior, but Buick did use the interior in the 70's
  3. Duane

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    I would not do a Hounds tooth interior. It would definitely look like a 69 Chevy interior, and an altered one at that.

    Maybe you could go to a local upholstery ship and see what cloths they have available. They should have automotive grade cloth samples on rings so you can see what the actual cloth looks like.
  4. 67blue_sky

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    I'm kinda feeling the same way, but the color combinations for 67 black/black, blue/blue and gold/gold dont work. Actually the black/black would look good, but being a non ac car would probably be a bad idea and I've never seen a blue/blue.

    Legendary sent some samples, but do you have any recomendations on what would look right? Better yet, does anybody have any pictures of what the 67 blue/blue and black/black looks like?
  5. Duane

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    I would have to check my notes, but believe they made a medium Blue for the Custom split bench with armrest interiors and it was the same color as the bucket seat interiors. If so, it was a beautiful color interior.

    Maybe someone could post a pic.

    If you want to see a blue/blue car you can look up my 69 "Motion Equipped" GS pics, but for 69 that was a light blue interior/exterior. Your interior would be the medium blue, which would be the same color interior as the 70 Blue Bucket seat interior.
  6. My3Buicks

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    Which blue is your exterior? The blue looks good in any of the blues exteriors.
  7. gokitty

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    Chi-town 67 posted my 67 in the garage(thanks again to you,Nick). It is sapphire blue with a blue vinyl interior. While not being a cloth interior, it can give you a notion of what a blue interior looks like in a 67. Likewise on mrolds 69 's car.
  8. 67blue_sky

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    Well, the wife wants the original Dove interior, so cloth is out. Legendary says the Metallic parchment is close and sent me a sample. Has anybody done one in the metallic parchment? How hard is it to find paint to match it for the pillars and the top of the doors?

    It might be easier just to go with a black headliner and paint every black.
  9. My3Buicks

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    Smart wife!!

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  11. Gene Brink

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    Is your original pattern and color like this - [​IMG]
    or this - [​IMG]

    First image appears to be cloth/vinyl and the second all vinyl. Imagine either could be replicated at a custom upholstery shop but would cost some $$. Lots of online sources for materials and most will send samples so you can see color and feel the material. Good luck!

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