'67 GS400 disc swap

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    Hey fella's,

    I'm on the verge of making a purchase for the front brake swap on the GS400 in my signature line. The car has 17'' Riddler wheels on it currently. However, I intend to swap those out for 15" or 16" Torque Thrust II's in the next year. It also has factory style suspension/steering components. Although, those will be swapped out in the next 18 months. My plan is to run new brake line, and replace the master cylinder/booster while I'm converting the front drums to discs. Below are the links to a couple of the kits that I'm considering. I've had good luck with Summit's brand in the past, and they're running 10% off all Summit brand parts right now.



    Here are my questions:
    -Has anyone used either of these kits?
    -Can anyone offer advise on what I'd need in addition to the kits listed?
    -Does anyone have any over-arching advice to consider before I start the job?
    -Are there better alternatives? If so, why?

    I'm still getting to know this car, but am currently making a big push to get it road worthy and safe so that I can spend some time driving it and enjoying it, while I continue to improve and upgrade the rest of the car.

    Thanks in advance for all of the help and advice,
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    I've never used either kit but I observe the front look essentially like factory stock brakes. Nice and easy to work with and parts are available everywhere.

    If you do it in two stages, disc up front and then do rear brakes later, you will have to get a new prop valve and master cylinder. I'd bite the bullet and do drum to disk all the way around.

    Good luck.
  3. 94IDI

    94IDI Jared

    Well I went ahead and bit that bullet. Ordered a four wheel disc conversion from "Right Stuff Detailing" on Summit Racing. The order will replace the entire brake system from master cylinder to parking brake and everything in between. It'll have 11" drilled and slotted rotors with two-piston aluminum calipers up front and single piston calipers out back. Unfortunately half of the kit is back ordered for about three more weeks, so I'll have to wait a little while.

    More to follow.....
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