67 GS400 Speedo cable question

Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by hgiljr, Mar 22, 2020.

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    Hello all. My speedometer stopped working. Upon removing the cable from the tranny, it appeared cracked as I removed the cable and then removed a part of the steel cable from within the tranny connector. I went ahead and purchased the Pioneer CA-3002 which appears to be the one for this year car. The cable length I currently have is 57 inches and although the pioneer is 62, I still went ahead and got it. Upon comparing, I noticed that both connector ends from old and new cable, have the same length of the metal cable coming out. Also the female connector to the tranny does not fit. I compared the size of the new and old cable connector and both are 5/8 diameter. I decided I could pull out the metal wire from the new cable and cut it, but not sure if the extra piece I pulled out of the connector was done on purpose or something that was placed along the way to modify this cable. Being that the original cable is 57 inches and female connector to the tranny different, I just might need to find a different cable or continue with the modification of cutting the new one. See pics attached and let me know thoughts. Main question would be if the extra piece within connector is needed?

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    There is (or was) a company in Texas that will make the correct cable. I can look up the GM part number, but I would need to know some details about the car.
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    Unless it was EXACTLY the same length, I would have sent it back, being you cut the squared end off, how you going to make it work?

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