'67 Pontiac Grand Prix

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    Bought this dry, rust free car in Ft Worth TX and drove it home to northern Arizona. Built in Arlington, TX. I wouldn't have put the Boss 20's on the back and 18's on the front, but they're growing on me. Original 400 had an intake manifold crossover leak so I fell in the rabbit hole and installed a Lunati Voodoo cam and lifters, timing chain and gears, FlowKooler water pump, radiator and heavy duty fan clutch, HEI distributor. Almost pulled the engine for a rebuild but its so damned nice to drive I just couldn't do it. 42 PSI oil pressure at highway speeds and 35 at hot idle is fine with me.
    Original AC compressor was seized so I'm installing a Sanden compressor using Vintage Air's compressor brackets.
    Big heavy car runs pretty smartly for its mass and its a dream to drive on the desert two-lanes of the Southwest. I'm going to miss my '63 LeSabre, but this GP will help me get over it....
    Thanks for looking. H.

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    Nice ride!

    I used to have a '69, can't believe how different the 2 cars look. Also at one time way back in the day I had a '77 grand Prix.

    A '67 Grand Prix isn't that a kind of rare and hard to find car, I believe the '68 is the same way. Can't remember how that year looks either, you just didn't and still don't see them very often. I still see the '69 to '72 body style once and a while driving around though.

    Sweet car I hope you enjoy it, thanks for posting a picture.
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    Had a '76 Grand Prix SJ back in 85-88. It was Bavarian Cream, with white vinyl top and "butterscotch?" interior.

    It was a California car and had pencil notes on the steering column for gas rationing days that the owner could buy gas.

    It was a very nice ride, and I really liked the looks of it. ( It was a 9.5 out of 10 condition wise when I bought it)

    I saw the Buick GNs, but this GI could not afford it at the time... :(

    So, my next ride was a 1985 Monte Carlo SS I picked up in '87 and drove until I deployed to Okinawa in 91.

    The Poncho was a memorable car.
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