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    ok folks im new to the GS info ,can i get some help

    what would the gs package be on the 67 riv gs , what extras.

    i was told i had a gs riv ,with the exsecutive package with 2 door handles on each door (inside driver & driverside back seat on the same door!) and the motor is a 430 ....
    if any one can tell me some info i would appreciate it .

    thanks jim
  2. GoldBoattail455

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    There was 4,837 GS Rivieras produced in 1967. This was the first year for the 430. On top of the 430 V8 should be the Starwars air cleaner. Also you will have the heavy-duty suspension, a 3.42 posi rear end.

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  3. austingta

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    The deluxe interior with the rear access door handles was NOT part of the GS option.
  4. Phil Racicot

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    In 1967, the GS package included a 3.42 posi rear, heavy duty shocks, the dual inlet fiberglass air cleaner that Rob showed, and a hood insulation retainer and GS badges on the front fenders (only) and H-70-15 tires. Two options exclusive to the GS model were the red line tires and the fast ratio power steering.

    As Frank told, the GS package was available with all interior trim levels, bucket or bench seats. One option that wasn't available with the GS package was the automatic level control bt I have seen one 67 Riviera GS that this option added (with correct 67 Riviera parts).

    If you spotted a 1967 Riviera and you aren't sure if it's true GS or not, send me a PM and I'll help you. There are some clones and there are also real ones that miss their GS badges... I once bought a real 67 Riviera GS from somebody who didn't know his car was one (because of the missing badges). When he saw mine, he said that he wished that his car was a GS like mine...

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