67 Riviera Roll Call!

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    Throughout V8Buick and every single kill story (I've read all 15 pages, 2 67 Riv kills) there is overall very little mention of 1967 Riviera's, though GM made over 42,000 of them. If you own one leave a comment to show that we 67 owners are still out and listening to our sweet secondaries as we lug our barges around!

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    I love 66-67 Rivi' and I'm always on the lookout for a decent one with buckets that I can afford and isn't too far gone. They are my only big car I have always liked really.
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    I'd love to have a second generation Riviera, and the 66-67 models are my favorites. I'd happily trade one of my convertibles for a nice solid, good looking, high option driver. Almost did last year, but shipping became an insurmountable issue.
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