67 Sportwagon spare tire cover

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  1. Lemans1

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    On my spare tire cover there appears to be something missing. It looks like there should have been a handle or pull strap or something to lift it by that is broken off on mine. Anyone have a pic of it so I can see what is supposed to be there? Also, anyone know where I can get new weather strip for the top of the tailgate as well as the piece the window rolls up into?
  2. ragtops

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    There is no strap on the spare cover. There is a latch and I used the handle to maneuver the cover so that I could get my fingers under it and lift it off.
    I used this weather strip on my tailgate. That was several years ago and the wagon is gone now. Maybe someone else with fresh info will post better info. In the pics there are 3 pieces, one "fuzzy" which goes on the inside of the glass and 2 rubber sweeps which go on the outside (only one is required of course) but you can see front and back this way. The pics are not great I know but best I could do. As I said it was a while back but I think there was nothing about these parts which were advertised for Buick SW. I got a Chevelle supplier (Henshaw's Chevelle in NC) hinshawschevelle.com , to get these for me. I will sell the 3 pieces for $50 plus shipping if you want them. As I said these are not for specific Sport Wagon but it is what I used.
    The other piece you mention I can't remember if I bought one or not, in other words I don't remember if it was available.
    Seems like this was a helpful resource, http://www.stationwagonforums.com/forums/

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  3. chucknixon

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    I am in the process of converting my 67 Sportwagon to a GS 400 clone including the interior being redone. I have completely taken the interior out, seats recovered, and side panels remade or recovered. All of the redone or new interior pieces are at the upholsterer's shop and I will be taking the car out there on Monday next week. I could take a photo of the spare tire cover and post it. I just had all the door and tailgate replaced using Steele Rubber kit and it fits nicely. I have not replaced the U shaped channel for the tail gate window.
  4. Lemans1

    Lemans1 Well-Known Member

    Ragtops, I'm interested, thanks. Started a private conversation.

    Chucknixon, that would be great so I know what I'm looking for.
  5. 67sportwagoon

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    Here is a picture of the latch that releases the spare tire cover. DSC04498.JPG

    The internals of the Buick tailgate can be replaced with Chevelle tailgate parts. I replaced the broken torsion bar in the Sportwagon tailgate with the same piece from a Chevelle.

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