68 69 Buick Skylark GS Delux Rear Taillight Lenses, Housings, Wiring.

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  1. mrskylark71

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    68 69 Buick Skylark GS Delux Rear Taillight Lenses, Housings, Wiring.
    Setup includes, excellent pair of deluxe (metal trim) taillight lenses, all wiring, housings with sockets, attaching hardware.
    Nice looking nice working-- setup has been tested and all sockets/lights work perfectly
    $350 plus shipping from 06410 CT.
    203-651-9990 or email ros6872@hotmail.com

    I have lots of nice 68-69 parts--please contact me with needs. www.ros6872parts.com

    Thanks for looking

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  2. mrskylark71

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  3. Duane

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    If it doesn't have the light socket for the rear back up light lens then the wiring harness is for a 68 not a 69. That will make a difference for whoever buys this, as the 2 harnesses are not interchangeable.
  4. Buizila

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    If you look at the last 2 pics I see a 194 bulb in a socket which would be for the 69 backup light. So I would say it's for a 69,no?
  5. Buicksky

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    Vinnie There should be 2 sockets for the backup light in the center of the 69 Bumper.
  6. mrskylark71

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    I removed this from a 69. If you have a 68, you can simply chosse to not use the two 194 bulb sockets from the center 69 -only backup light.
    But yes-- this is a 69 harness.
  7. mrskylark71

    mrskylark71 Well-Known Member

  8. andrew stapfer

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    hi got any hood hinges
  9. mrskylark71

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