68-72 coolant reservoir bottle, $20

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    B8AAE953-3D9B-45B4-9F27-8F547F7F83C0.jpeg A9B0E173-B340-4E36-B364-10124CD7EABA.jpeg 168F4424-949B-4B29-A805-F256B124C83E.jpeg DCEA2B79-28AB-4AE7-9F3B-30F49B8C6201.jpeg 891BFA8B-FA6E-4F98-B154-BA9C1B22CC22.jpeg 3EBA28F6-A405-4EF6-AA26-33C15591BBD5.jpeg I’m selling it as non matching parts. The top isn’t quite fitting the bottom. Both pieces individually are in good condition, with no cracks or missing or broken parts. I bought a used top to replace my cracked one and it didn’t quite fit this reservoir.

    this will fit a 68 and 69 but it’s not original for those years. Originally a 70-72 bottle and top.

    $20/offer + shipping
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