68-72 Skylark Orig.Parts Overload,Cheap

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    Sorting out lot of original parts, including some F-41 rear and front springs 30.00 ea, thicker front sway bar $60 and lower front control arms 60.00 ea. Pit free stuff along with regular rear lower trailing arms $60 pair, one upper with the extra brace used on the GS $40,00. 2 door coupe A Pillar covers $25 ea $45 pr, wagon or 4dr 35.00 pr, front windlace in black 25.00, tacking strips for the front $35.00 left and right in great shape. A i pillar seal chrome channel $20 ea, corners are 10.00 ea, A Pillar Drip Rail panels $25.00 ea. A/C interior boxes-no cables $60.00, have the exterior boxes $150.00 or just the left side which gets broken when people pull the motors for $60.00 only have a couple. Back window trim in nice shape 85.00 set, pic from car that was already parted selling everything else. Quarter glass chrome trim, seals are no good, metal is $20.00 ea or 35.00 pr, regulator $20 each with good roller wheel at the end, main track for the 2dr coupe $20.00 ea and correct bolts 50 cents each. Have many stock wheels, stack started back in 1985, prices range 20-60 ea. Let me know if you see anything else I didn't mention, Paypal accepted as sales, Joe 602-298-7090

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