68 wagon fuel sender wiring path

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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to track down an apparent short in the wiring from the fuel gauge to the tank sender in a '68 Special Deluxe wagon.

    Does anyone know the specific physical path of the wiring harness that includes the sender wire, and the locations of the applicable harness connectors, especially the point at which the wire from the sender enters the cabin? I'm trying to avoid disturbing more carpet or headliner than is necessary to locate and test the wiring and fuel gauge. Any additional tips or suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.

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    The rear, from the sender on the front of the tank. boot, small tan wire, runs forward and over the axle on the drivers side and passes through a body plug to the intermediate ribbon harness connector.
    That can be accessed by pulling the rear seat bottom (not 100% on how that works with a wagon) But the connecter and ribbon ar about where the seat back and bottom meet.

    Then one line on the ribbon harness to the front, and from that ribbon harness connector tan wire to the post on the fuel gage.

    The ribbon cables are pretty stout, and other than a bit of oxidation or corrosion at the ends where the connectors are, you can Ohm that and make sure you have continuity, then focus on the sender or gauge and the tan wire for any breaks, and not have to pull carpet.
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    I think the ground is a BLK ring type. I used a binder clip to attach it to the edge of the gas tank, no issue so far.
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    Awesome. Thanks guys.

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