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  1. racenu

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    Making good progress on the 69 wildcat, front sway bar and shorty headers giving me some grief but otherwise coming together nicely. The body shop should have had the body done and painted but all the employees took the governments layoff cheques instead of continuing to work.
    Original 430 and trans rebuilt by JW. C/w Stage 1 aluminum ported heads, 4 wheel 14” discs, HD sway bars from PST front and rear, Rear tubular arms from ride tech, custom front tubular arms from “hot rods by dean.

    This was a one owner Canadian low option bench seat car with 100,000 +miles and was relatively rust free as the previous owner was a snow bird with property in a Florida.
    I really just wanted to freshen the drivetrain then decided to do a colour change and it all went sideways from there. 37403830-7FBB-485B-B97C-CB8490F3CCF9.jpeg

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  2. telriv

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    Funny how that happens.
  3. Jim Weise

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    Looking good Gord..

    Ya... "while I am here"... been there, done that.

  4. 1969RIVI

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    The good ol' while I'm here snowball gets ya every time. I have a fear that when I pull the engine eventually it will happen to me too:p.

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