69 Gladiator gets Transplant

Discussion in 'Jeeps with the Buick Heartbeat' started by randyre, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. randyre

    randyre Member

    Started a new engine install. Have not run it yet, I'm at work for the next two weeks so will get to that when I get back home.

    Its a 1970 SP Code 350 4bbl. Been completely rebuilt and balanced.

    Looks good and can't wait hear it run.

    Old engine.
    Photo Aug 24, 17 50 59.jpg

    Photo Aug 24, 18 15 18.jpg
    New Engine
    Photo Aug 27, 12 27 48.jpg Photo Aug 27, 13 14 01.jpg

    Adapter for Buick 350 to Standard TH400
    Photo Aug 24, 18 20 53.jpg
    Empty space
    Photo Aug 24, 18 15 25.jpg
    Trans removed, new one going in
    Photo Aug 26, 16 18 34 (1).jpg
    New engine in place
    Photo Aug 30, 11 43 35.jpg Photo Aug 30, 11 43 43.jpg
    Accessories installed
    Photo Aug 30, 18 08 47.jpg Photo Aug 30, 18 09 23.jpg

    Here's What its in.
    File Jul 15, 09 33 13.jpg File Jul 15, 09 33 43.jpg

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  2. jzuelly1

    jzuelly1 Jesse Zuelly IV

    Cool swap man. Did ya build it to be a low end torque monster? Have a good one.

    Jesse Z.
  3. randyre

    randyre Member

    By definition, SBB are torque monsters compared to any of the rest of the GM 350's, but that being said, yes, I believe it should still be pretty good. Put a 268 cam in it which should bring on the power lower in the RPM's especially since its in a 4x4.
  4. grimmjeeper

    grimmjeeper Active Member

    Looks great.
  5. randyre

    randyre Member

    Re: 69 Gladiator gets Transplant - It's AaaLiiiive

    Well, finally got it started and broke in late last night. Had a small issue with a carb gasket. Swapped for the ones that came with the Mr. Gasket spacer and leak sealed right up. Fired up on first attempt. Ran at 2K for 20 minutes, then about another 20 at around 900-1k while the carb adjustments were completed and timing set. She got hot, but not bad, lost of paint and oils burning off. Then after another 10-15 minutes the idle was set and here's what we have..

    Hear it run here.

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  6. swampedge

    swampedge Well-Known Member

    SP code 70 motor is what I've put in my wagoneer with Fitech fi. You're going to love that engine.
  7. randyre

    randyre Member

    So far I love it. Only have about 300 miles so far. The really lopey idle is gone, it still sounds mean and lopes a little, but not like it first did. I hope the cam is OK. We broke it in properly, maybe its just the Carb needs more tuning as it breaks in and gets the Idle settled again. Hope that's all it is.
  8. swampedge

    swampedge Well-Known Member

    If it runs smooth and the cam is probably alright. Fiddling with it and adjusting the idle circuits will calm one down a lot of times.
  9. Jerry68GS400

    Jerry68GS400 No Daddy, my GS

    Hey. Nice!!!
    We have a 73 J4000 with a 360 AMC that we want to put a Buick in. Was your Gladiator stock with a Buick 350? And is that the original transmission? It looks like an AMC bolt pattern bell housing.
  10. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    The TH400 trans. being installed is a "Nail" bolt pattern trans. This is want Jeep used way back when before they started using 727 Torque-flights.
  11. Gettymotorsport

    Gettymotorsport Well-Known Member

    I like it. I have started a 350 Buick swap into a 89 Jeep Comanche.
  12. Briz

    Briz Platinum Level Contributor

    Nice truck. I had on and sold it. maybe get another one day. Noticed something bright orange on the front of the timing cover. Thought that was taboo on a Buick
  13. 455 Powered

    455 Powered Well-Known Member

    I like your truck. Nice job on the install. Now go enjoy it.

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