69 GS 350 radiator hose

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by SpecialWagon65, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    I need a picture of the radiator hose route around driver size snorkel.
    One we have is getting flattened between snorkel and distributor.
    Thank you.

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  2. PCUB


    I remember discussing the routing for the 70 GS 350 upper radiator hose in a previous thread with many pictures included. Do a quick search and see if it doesn't show some good pictures that help you out. I believe the 69 - 72 GS 350 upper radiator hose are the same and I went through the same problem on my 71 as the hose is no longer being reproduced. I managed to modify a 455 hose to work correctly and I think you will need to do something similar if you want to use with the stock GS air cleaner. One of the members was going to look into working with a manufacturer to see if they would custom make this hose but never heard if this went anywhere. Let me know if you have any questions after doing the search.
  3. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD"

  4. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    Thanks Larry for tracking that down. I've ordered 20869.

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