'70-'72 Black A/C dash pad

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by Hawken, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Hawken

    Hawken Hawken

    Looking for '70-'72 Black A/C dash pad with no cracks.

  2. Hawken

    Hawken Hawken

    Someone PM’d me earlier requesting a list of items I am looking for. I don’t know how that PM was deleted, but I cannot locate that PM now and respond to it. Please PM me back. I have the list. Thanks.

    1. '70 LH (driver side) manual mirror (with tri-shield);

    2. '70-'72 Black A/C dash pad;

    3. TH400 flywheel cover.
  3. Stage 2 iron

    Stage 2 iron Nice Chevelle LOL

    Hawken that was a scammer, He PMed a bunch of us last night asking for a list, The piece of S**T has been removed from the board.
  4. Hawken

    Hawken Hawken

    TTT, still looking for a '70-'72 Black A/C dash pad with no cracks.
  5. Hawken

    Hawken Hawken

    All parts located, unable to delete this thread.

    MARTIN FARMER Well-Known Member

    Hi Hawken, Where did you get your Black AC dash pad...I need one too. Thanks, Mart
  7. StratoBlue72

    StratoBlue72 Well-Known Member

    pm sent.

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