70-72 GS hood grille/scoops

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    How do you fasten the grilles to the plastic inserts on these hood scoops? In other words - how do you use the pins on these grilles to secure them to the inserts? As for the scoops themselves - were they just attached to the hood tabs with sheet metal/self tapping screws from the bottom? Thanks for helping a noob. I've never actually seen this hood fully assembled!

    IMG_3674.jpg IMG_3676.jpg Grill Top.jpg
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  3. Stage 2 iron

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    Contact Todd Miller a.k.a. (Todd GS) die cast muscle cars. Here on the board, he will have all the correct fasteners for your project.
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    10C699EC-4D1D-48EF-A070-573BE4FDEA5E.jpeg Speed nuts and screws.
    8 screws of one type
    8 screws of 2nd type
    8 speed nuts
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    I do stock all of these fasteners! (And 1,000s of other Buick Skylark, GS & GSX fasteners)




    A lot more Restoration Parts coming in 2019 ! ! ! (Full catalog)

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    the wrong ones can crack the fiberglass
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    wow - thank you, all. I keep saying this - but I'll say it again: What a great group.
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    They are all #8 screws. Just match length

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