70 EL Camino meets 70 Buick

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    I have a 70 GS 470, 10.2 compression, Buick S-1 heads,242-258 duration,hydraulic cam,B4B intake and 850 Quick Fuel carb,373 rear,with Mickey's 275-15 rears,My car is all stock,only think missing is the AC,so its weight is just over 4100 pd with me in it.I have my son with me,adding another 175 pds .My son.s friend ,a cool guy about 50 years old,has the 70 El Camino,3450 lbs with the original BBC,now with 502 with aluminum heads ,intake,fuel inj,same gears as mine.We were going to Bellmore.a Friday night cars get together.On the way,he suggest we try our cars on a roll.So there we are doing about 25 mph,I tell him to nail it and he does.I follow it instantly,and I start pulling away from him.I get off the car and he suggests to do it with a slow roll.I guess he forget about the Buick torque off the line.Again I tell him to go,I follow as quick as possible,by the time I was doing 50 mph I was about 6 cars ,maybe more,and pulling away,so we both got off the cars,All of this took maybe about 3 seconds of racing each time.He was cool about it, telling my son that he got beat by a better car.Bruno
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    Great job Bruno! The score is Buick's 2, Elcamino's 0.
    I do like Elcaminos way better than Chevelles.
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    A friend of mine, Cliff says it's a well know fact, in certain cultures of the Spanish speaking persuasion, that "El Camino" is short for "Get outta the way, or that Buick will run you over".

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