'70 Estate Hearse

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by ozhearse, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. ozhearse

    ozhearse Mick

    Took them last night, that was a mean fog that never lifted all day. Used varying exposures and no added light. Thought this was my shadow in the picture, probably just a ghost though. The cemetary is behind the local cop shop where my sister works. She assures me the place is haunted.
  2. Sergeant Major

    Sergeant Major Biggest Nut in the Can

    Those are some AWESOME!!! pics!!
  3. Truzi

    Truzi Perpetual Student

    Great pictures. I'm not sure why, but it reminds me of Phantasm.
  4. 73 Centurion

    73 Centurion Well-Known Member

    I love the sinister look you're building with this car. The charcoal paint is so much better than the more common black.

    I think a little black (or charcoal) paint would add a touch of sinister to the front end. I did this with a car I owned and loved the look. Here's what I did.

    I painted the buckets around the headlights black but left the chrome outlining the opening. This looked good and covered up the pitting that was visible. I also got the chrome shields that cover the top of the headlight and painted them black also. I installed them level and the car had a sleepy cruelty, but when I turned them slightly so they resembled cartoon angry eyes \\ // it became malevolent.


    Great looking car.


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  5. ozhearse

    ozhearse Mick

    Thanks John, I'l look into it, it's been a while since it's had a change. Kind of an Alice Cooper look!
  6. Vert68

    Vert68 Temecula,Ca

    Your ride is sweet looking, you have done a real nice job on it. :TU:

    Just one question though, are you parked on the eternal lawn when you took your shots:Dou:
    No wonder why there is an extra shadow, your parked on his head

    Good pics, and sweet car
  7. ozhearse

    ozhearse Mick

    Thanks Jeff. I don't think it's "eternal" though, 1/2 of the cemetary was lost to the new cop shop and car park a few years ago. Sister's a cop there and says it's haunted!
  8. ozhearse

    ozhearse Mick

    On a bay cruise today...

    ALMACK Well-Known Member

    Cool looking ride!:TU:
  10. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    AWESOME!!!!!!! great work.
  11. freak6264

    freak6264 Myotonic when confronted

    yeah, but can it spray an impenetrable smoke screen? Didn't think so- can it burn a whole tank of gas in 2 hours? Don't think so!! Love the car Mick- and found the other dome light lens if you need it- we can't wait for you to come back- I have a lot of beer and no one to drink with!!
  12. ozhearse

    ozhearse Mick

    I'm kinda glad it cant, buy the RX-3 can do both! (tyre smoke, not tranny fluid smoke!)
    Glad you could stop in Bryan. :beer How goes the progress on your beast? And where's the pics of the dogs? (and the Stratocaster for that matter!)
    I'll try my best to come back this year, but with an unsure future at work, it'll be difficult. Depends on the "Golden Handshake" promised by the owner...
  13. dualqwad

    dualqwad ...just another lost soul

    Hey Oz...
    If you ever find yourself with nothing better to do head over to http://www.phantomcoaches.org/ (unless you've already been there and done that.
    You can even join the group (like I did) and become a "dis-member-ed". :bglasses:

    Check out the perfect window tint film that I discovered for the sides of our Eureka coach. (I think that some of it it would look great on yours too.) :TU:

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  14. ozhearse

    ozhearse Mick

    Thanks Rob, I'll check it out. Cool tint, that'd scare the kiddies come HELLoween!
  15. dualqwad

    dualqwad ...just another lost soul

    From the outside in the daylight it looks just like normal window tint. That is until it is 'back-lit' to reveal what lurks just below the surface. :Brow:
    When you walk past it the scene sort of follows you, or actually the path of the sunlight moving across the surface - very cool indeed. :TU:
    At night the images disappear from view completely unless I open a door which activates the trio of dome lamps that run down the center of the ceiling. :bglasses:

    It's called Psycho Skulls and I found it last year at a Parts America affiliate store but I haven't seen it on any store shelf over here (or online) since. If you ever run across more of it for sale down under then grab up as much as you possibly can and I will buy all of your leftovers.
    I don't think it's being produced anymore. :ball:
  16. ozhearse

    ozhearse Mick

    Look what some "arty" type did after a recent cruise...
  17. low225

    low225 special

    looks bad ass ive got a bagged 71 electra

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