'70 GS Grill Identification

Discussion in 'Chassis restoration' started by oldsmo-buick, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. oldsmo-buick

    oldsmo-buick Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Hi, I'm hoping you guys can tell me if this grill is repop or OEM? Thank you,
  2. Stage 2 iron

    Stage 2 iron 475 IRON HEAD STAGE 2

    That could be the latest version of the 70 GS Grill that general motors made it's black plastic Or a re-pop earlier ones were made with light gray plastic.here's pictures of a dirty NOS GS Grill I have to clean it up. IMG_2234.JPG IMG_2235.JPG IMG_2236.JPG IMG_2237.JPG IMG_2238.JPG
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  3. Stage 2 iron

    Stage 2 iron 475 IRON HEAD STAGE 2

    Looks NOS to to me, GM forgot or neglected to paint the black.
  4. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    Those are the ones we used to buy in the 80's from the dealer for $149. Good ole days
  5. Stage 2 iron

    Stage 2 iron 475 IRON HEAD STAGE 2

    Here's a picture of an early light gray a NOS Grill box. IMG_2240.JPG IMG_2241.JPG
  6. Stage 2 iron

    Stage 2 iron 475 IRON HEAD STAGE 2

    The light gray NOS Grill that came out of that box was $90. I bought the grill before I found my stage one I was going to build a clone.
  7. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    It's odd it's not black where it should be tho
  8. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    If you look at Brett Slater's GS, Im pretty sure his is the same way
  9. Daves69

    Daves69 Too many cars too work on

    GM got LAZY in the last runs of the 70 grilles. Original grilles were grey plastic Nos replacement grilles were black plastic. The paint schemes changed over time also. The grilles that we installed on the cars were three colors. Silver on most of the grille, charcoal on the squares, and black in the recess areas.
  10. moleary

    moleary GOD Bless America

    1987 Warren Westlund BUICK $110.
  11. Redmanf1

    Redmanf1 Gold Level Contributor

    I believe the original grilles were a gray/bone color plastic (pictured below). Then NOS was the silver plastic and last was the black plastic, painted silver.

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  12. Brett Slater

    Brett Slater Super Moderator Staff Member

    This is the original that was replaced in the early 80's and the replacement one pictured below it.

    20180929_192008.jpg 20180309_192004.jpg
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  13. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    Yep, the egg crate portion looks like its just painted silver like the OP's. Although Shawn's silver grill looks "too nice" for a grill that was sitting in a box for 30 years. Not even a rub mark on the edges. Was it possibly repainted?
  14. copperheadgs1

    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    My NOS grille was gray plastic so not all were black.
  15. Duane

    Duane Member

    Some of the very early NOS pieces were exactly like what was installed on the cars (Gray Plastic). However the last batches of the NOS pieces were produced in Black Plastic and came with the extra gusset at the top center. The top edge of the black ones are also not beveled like the originals.

    If someone takes a pic of the top center of an original you will see what I mean.

    All this is basically immaterial as we don't care about any of that regarding judging, and accept both varieties.

    There are a few that care about original original original, but not many.

    I mean do people worry about original tires. There are only 2 cars I know of that have 5 original sneakers, so where do you draw the line?
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  16. copperheadgs1

    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    I hope the original tire car doesn’t get driven or there may be one less original car. Very scary,
  17. Duane

    Duane Member

    Both my car and Brads White Car have 5 original sneakers. The point is where do you stop with all this, because there is a visual difference between the original and repro G60-15 tires, just like there is with the grills.

    Has anyone taken a pic of the top middle of an original grill to see the differences?
  18. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    Unless your going to keep your GS a static display piece, you have to make some concessions to drivability. Original shocks might be nice to look at, but honestly, can most people really tell the difference between original Pliacells and modern gas charged shocks painted gray? Same for the Polyglas tires. I want to drive my car, not roll it out onto a grass field. I see that with the Mustang Club "thoroughbred" class. Ive seen Boss 429's pushed out of trailers on the show field because they don't dare start the engines up and ruin a $5k NOS exhaust system or burn the paint on the engine. I know some people get off on that but its no fun for me.
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  19. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    I just took a look at the gray plastic grill I have and it has the gusset on top
  20. Doo Wop

    Doo Wop Where were you in '62?

    Here is my grey grille. Grey Grille #1.jpg Grey Grille  #2.jpg

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