70 Skylark 455 Driver

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by Smartin, May 21, 2016.

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    Amazing what tint can do, done my Orange Car few weeks ago myself, instant attitude adjustment
  2. Smartin

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    I had some bearing noise when driving the car, so I assumed it was the rears, since I didn't hear it when I bought the car. Out came the axles, and the bearings had some slop in them...so I replaced. noise was still there:rant:

    So today I started with the left front bearing and this is what I heard...

    I replaced the inner left bearing that was pretty much toast...still have a bit of noise, so I will order new inners and outers for both sides. Maybe next week.

    I also bought a Custom Autosound radio to fill the blank space in the dash, along with a woodgrain kit. Busy times ahead! I will have this car at the BCA national meet in Brookfield WI.
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  3. moleary

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    Thank GOD there's always something to do on our old hot rods; looking good man!


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