70 skylark back half race car Aqua color.

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  1. Cellguy

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    I’m helping my cousin’s widow with selling his Buick cars and Buick parts. This car is a 70 skylark street/strip<more strip than street! The engine is a 498”(J&B performance) Big Block Chevy with a trishield Th 400. A new S&W back half Ford 9” Strange 4.10 Pumpkin. So much more.. Detachable all fiberglass front end. He was in the process of building the car for the street. It is wired for lights etc. Body is in great condition and the paint is good. The car needs to be finished it runs, drives and stops. I attached a couple of pics any questions just ask or call me 845-553-5353 up to 9:00 pm car is in New York. The family is asking $25,000. Currently we have no plans to separate engine and car but the right offer we would consider it. Also pay asking price gets it delivered to your driveway for free. Lower 48 only. There’s a ton of money sitting here. I know everybody says that..

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    Engine pics

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    BQUICK Well-Known Member

    Was that your old race car Frank?
  4. BuickGSrules

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    Aint it Will Lanier that has Frank´s old car?
  5. Buicksky

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    GLWS , Looks like a FUN Ride!
  6. Cellguy

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    Hi Guys! This was my cousins car. He passed away almost a year ago. I’m helping his wife sell his Buick’s cars and parts. Will Lanier has my old blue car and he has made it truly awesome. I can even say it’s my old car anymore with the changes. It’s all Wills! Thanks

    BQUICK Well-Known Member

    Yeah and Will keeps kicking my a$$ at Cecil in the final with "your" car....I'll get him next time.:rolleyes:
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  8. Cellguy

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    Bump! The family needs this car moved.. I need my garage space back for Winter.. Great winter project for someone. PM any offers..
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    Wow - nice nice nice!
  10. Sebambam

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    I wish I could
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