71 Buick GS 455 Stage 1 With AC Wanted

Discussion in 'Cars wanted' started by ray morris, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. ray morris

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  3. ray morris

    ray morris Well-Known Member

    Really looking for a 1971 Stage 1
  4. dinoz

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    I have never had the car apart enough to find the build sheet. Pillar, Door Panel, Above Gas Tank etc. I was meaning to remove the back seat. I hear they have been found there before. The car is in the registry. There is no mistaking it as it has the OW transmission and vin checks to car. Posi rear end also coded to car. I also once spoke to the original owners and I believe I still have their names, but that was 1985 and they were older couple. Not sure if they are still around.
  5. BYoung

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    You may just need to wait and see if Alain is going to keep or offer for sale the 71 Stage 1 he is restoring. Not many out there, especially here in the South.
  6. StagedCat

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    He's thinking of selling?
  7. BYoung

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    No, didn’t mean to imply that. But he sold his last two restorations so who knows?
  8. ray morris

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  9. Dano

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    There was post on his build thread and he was non-committal about keeping/selling, so definitely worth letting him know you'd be interested although IIRC it has a warranty replacement block and not sure if it has A/C.
  10. alain

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    Hi the GS has the correct warranty short block TS code with the Buick stamping on the block.correct heads intake 242 carburetor BB transmission with VIN.Also factoryA/C;)
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  11. Dano

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    If I were Ray (and I'm not - it's your quest:)), I think I'd be considering ponying up the $ for a done car in this case, as Alain appears to do excellent work, and making a concession on the matching #'s block considering it's a provable Stage 1 car & has an actual TS block and buckets & A/C. NOM cars are more fun anyway! Won't find another like this one, especially in that color.

    That's all assuming Alain sells it;). He's gotta keep one sooner or later:). Right? (Disclaimer - I've never met or even spoken to him, but have followed his build on this car from post 1).
  12. cjp69

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    I agree with Dano, HOWEVER, even with the current US / CDN exchange rate, I have a hard time believing (if Alain is going to sell the car) that it is going to be in the price range Ray is looking at.

    If it is, I think Canada is going to have a problem with US Citizens lining up at the border to buy it!
  13. Dano

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    That is why said "considering ponying up the $" - It's certainly easy for me to spend Ray's $:). It may s
    or may not be in the cards and that's understandable. My point was that is this case, and obviously we're in agreement, this is quite possibly a very unique situation and I'd consider making a concession on the #'s matching aspect. As I've quoted many times the brilliantly simple statement you made to me, "NOM cars are meant to be driven" and there's definitely a certian liberation to it. I could never do with my #'s matching Stage 1 4-sp. what I could've done with Brett's NOM Stage 1 4-sp. and had I been in a position to do so, I would've kept it and put a 550+ HP 455 & M-23 in it, saving the #'s matching trans., and had fun! I could do that with mine, but I probably just wouldn't (hmmm...:)).

    All that aside however, you and I have discussed the whole #'s game and the fears of buying a "done" car. In this case, given that Ray is specifically looking for '71, that vs. the value of a comprable '70 (like it or not and I don't particularly), and the NOM aspect would ultimately factor in to the sale price and the car could wind up being an incredibly good bang for the buck. Plus the fact that we've all been able to watch the build nearly real time and the level of detail (e.g. Alain certainly didn't need to replace all the glass) and we all saw the car before it was sold by Phillips66 and know that is was a pretty darn nice example to start with.

    I hadn't even considered the exchange rate and given that Alain had to buy all the parts from the US he might not either, and again this is all hypothetical assuming Alain is going to sell it;). But we can have fun here hypothesizing regardless:).
  14. cjp69

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  16. flynbuick

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    I will bet a Diet Coke that there were way more than 30 with the N25 option.
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  17. BYoung

    BYoung Stage me

    Not according to the book I have that was produced by Mike Trom. Total GS production in 1971 was 9170. Of that number, 2033 cars were equipped with the N-25, or through the bumper exhaust option.
  18. chiefsb30

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    That same car is listed in Brooklyn as well. Seems a little suspect to me?
  19. cjp69

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    There is a nice non stage 1 GS on Fbook with buckets and AC


    A 1971 GS 455. I bought the car in 1991 from the original owner, who had died in his early 90’s, and lived in San Antonio, TX. I signed the back of the original Texas title. The GS had 66,000 original miles when I bought it and now has 77,600 miles. The original owner and myself have always stored the GS in a garage. Since 1991, the GS has been wet (caught in the rain), less than 10 times. I’ve always cleaned the GS with spray bottle an soft rags. Motor, trans, rear end and other items were rebuilt by John Osborne Performance in 2001-2002. Car was painted its original Sandpiper Beige in 2002-2003.
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  20. BYoung

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    Can’t see all the photos because I don’t have a Facebook account, but that looks like a good one.
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