71 Riviera Suspension

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  1. moguy79

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    I'm a newb when it comes to suspension. I have a 71 Riviera that hasn't had ANY suspension work done in probably well over 20 years. Can anyone point me where to start? Any decent aftermarket parts? TA doesn't seem to have much. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your patience, friends!
  2. gsx455-4ever

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    Check to see what is really worn and needs to be replaced before throwing parts at it. Then think about replacing all the bushings like Lower Control arm bushings and upper control arm bushings. Use a known brand bushing like Moog , etc ... Don't get talked into anything except rubber bushings or it will ride like a truck.
  3. moguy79

    moguy79 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Lou. Right now, the Riv is about 90 miles away in the shop. Hopefully I'll have her back soon and can take a peek underneath.
  4. johnnyboy

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    At the very least, I would lube all components and replace tie rod ends and sway bar bushings, which is cheap, easy, and should tighten up steering and roll. Probably shocks too if they haven't been done for years.
    Might want to also consider replacing the springs if you're going to do control arm bushings etc., depending on spring condition.
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  5. moguy79

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    Thanks for all the advice, gang!

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