71 Skylark parts

Discussion in '"Pay It Forward"' started by vikings.1, Mar 24, 2020 at 5:23 PM.

  1. vikings.1

    vikings.1 Active Member

    Not sure if anyone can use this stuff:
    71 350 2 barrel intake and carb - not the greatest condition.
    71 350-2 air cleaner
    4) 14” Buick steel wheels with pretty decent hub caps and BFG radial t/a’s. Tires hold air, and have a good amount of tread left.
    Local pickup only. Located in Buckeye, AZ.
    If interested, email me, and I can send pics.
  2. Bob,

    In-line on the 1971 Buick 350 - 2bbl. Air Cleaner.

    I will send you a PM.

  3. Out of line.


  4. john Bryant

    john Bryant Member

    any choke parts ?
  5. vikings.1

    vikings.1 Active Member

  6. vikings.1

    vikings.1 Active Member

    Here’s what I’ve got. Hopefully something will help you....
  7. Scrappy

    Scrappy Well-Known Member

    Interested in the wheels and tires. Im in Phoenix, so can pick up.
  8. john Bryant

    john Bryant Member

    need choke assemble and rod . how much ill pay shipping please call John Bryant 817 368 4941
  9. vikings.1

    vikings.1 Active Member

    Hi, Mike - where about are you located? I’m near 260th Avenue between Bell & Beardsley.
  10. 78Regal350

    78Regal350 Well-Known Member

    Hey John, if Bob doesn’t want to hassle with pulling his apart I still have the choke assembly from my ‘71 350 2bbl. You can have it for the cost of shipping if you’re interested.

  11. Scrappy

    Scrappy Well-Known Member

    Hi Bob,
    Im at 61 street and Cactus. Phx/Scottsdale border.


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