72 bumper repair

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by Ken R. Nissen, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. Ken R. Nissen

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    Hi Guys: On my 72 Lark, the rear rubber bumpers are in good shape, except for a few cuts. I need to fill these gashes in and make it look like new.What product is made to bond to the rubber. I am sure I will need to make a V cut in the rubber to have a place for the new material to bond to. Ken

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    No idea how it would turn out, but, The Eastwood Co. sells a black rubber substance that might be able to be used for that.
  3. 68_riv

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    Take a look at the 3M flexible repair material. It is grey and will require you to paint the strip afterward. I have used it to repair the endura nose on my 73 Trans Am and have also used it to build up and smooth some deteriorated window mouldings on the company Aerostar van. Very easy to work with and not very expensive. Most body supply stores will have it or can get it.

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  4. Ken R. Nissen

    Ken R. Nissen Well-Known Member

    rubber repair

    I will try my local body shop repair. Thanks for the input. Ken
  5. BA

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    Have you looked at black R.T.V. as an option? There are many types avail. on the market and maybe one will work for you. I think you will have to experiment.

  6. Ken R. Nissen

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    rubber repair

    I will look into the RTV line of products. Maybe one of the products will work. I need to be very careful as I don't want to screw up my rubber. They are very costly t replace. Ken :Brow: :Brow: :Brow:
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    Rubber nose repair!

    The dynatron company makes a black two part adhesive that fills and has exeptional hold qualities.V and bevel the edges out,fill with the adhesive,sand flat,Fill the remaining sand scratches and low spots with Dynatron flexible glazing putty,320 D.A.out or 400 wet sand and your ready to seal and paint or block and prime as you see fit, and no I dont work for Dynatron but i do use their products regulary!
  8. Ken R. Nissen

    Ken R. Nissen Well-Known Member

    rubber repair

    Thanks for the info 2 scoops. How do I get in touch with Dynatron Co. Ken

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