'72 Skylark Resto

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by MichaelH, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Nicholas Sloop

    Nicholas Sloop '08 GS Nats BSA runner up

    They are called splash shields. Most vendors sell them (Year One, Cars, etc.)
    The fun part is the really heavy duty staples they are attached with. Do a search; this had been discussed recently.
  2. MichaelH

    MichaelH Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I'm thinking of using rivets and painting the heads... Hopefully I don't run into too much trouble.

    Here's a photo my friend Brian shot of the new rims and tires. The next day I cleaned it up, polished and threw the moldings on. Those wheels make it feel like a whole new car!

    <img src="http://farm1.static.flickr.com/177/474862992_2b0d7e3123.jpg">
  3. MartinNr5

    MartinNr5 Stubborn Swede

    Very nice thread and car. :)

    Best of luck getting your car back together (and keep the pictures coming :TU: ).
  4. Marco

    Marco Well-Known Member

    Wow - beautiful car.

    Sean does good work!

    Is that Crystal Blue, cowl code 21?
  5. chucks71

    chucks71 Well-Known Member

    Wow:eek2: ... Looks great!!! Got 'er done just in time for summer!!! Now go out and start winning some car show trophies!!!:TU:
  6. MichaelH

    MichaelH Well-Known Member

    Hah, thanks! You can't see the interior!!!! I need new door panels on both sides, dash re-plating, carpet, etc. And OF COURSE the motor hasn't been worked on much yet... I'm doing the best I can given I don't have my own garage and I'm not wealthy. I'll post some more photos soon.
  7. dl7265

    dl7265 No car then Mopar

    Looks great Michael! I finally picked my '72 up :TU:

  8. MichaelH

    MichaelH Well-Known Member

    Hey, thanks! These sure are great cars.

    I have some more questions for the board, thank you in advance!

    1. How do you remove the column shifter knob? I bought a repro one, but the original looks permanently mated to the shifter arm.

    2. My car came without a tach or clock, but I'd like to put a clock in the empty space. I haven't pulled the dash yet, so can someone tell me if the stock wiring harness is already setup to connect the clock? I'm assuming not.

    3. If I get a rally steering wheel, do I need any special parts to do the swap?
  9. Nicholas Sloop

    Nicholas Sloop '08 GS Nats BSA runner up

    Actually, I believe that it is pre-wired for clock. Should be a power wire (yellow?) and two gray wires with light sockets on the ends.

    I think there is an article on adding a sport steering wheel on buickperformance.com
  10. MichaelH

    MichaelH Well-Known Member

    The door panels are finally installed, now onto the next project - carpet.
    A few photos from a show on Saturday:




    I felt a little funny opening the hood because my engine isn't anything to write home about. Hopefully next year I'll be able to let it all hang out.
  11. brianna72

    brianna72 Member

    I saw your car parked on a side street at the Endicott show in Dedham,nice paint job.Looked brand new.
  12. MichaelH

    MichaelH Well-Known Member

    Hey, thanks! That show was pretty good, a lot more Buicks than I expected too. I put up a bunch of photos from the show here: http://www.v8buick.com/showthread.php?t=132732.

    Paintworks did all the body and paint. The only downside is that now I have to work that much harder to get the rest of the car up to the level of the exterior!
  13. hensleylh

    hensleylh Active Member

    Hi Mike
    I am also just getting ready to start a body resto on my 72 Convert.
    If I may be so foward to ask, what price range would you estimate that level of body restoration would cost the average guy
    Thanks, Larry
  14. tammo

    tammo New Member

    congrats on a beautiful car. A friend of mine is looking to do a similar restoration on a 70 Skylark. Would you mind telling us about how much to expect it to cost?
  15. MichaelH

    MichaelH Well-Known Member

    Took the car out for some photos the other night. It snowed the next day, cruising season is officially over. Motor swap and engine bay cleanup is scheduled for the winter. Can't wait for warm weather again.

  16. kevin mcculloug

    kevin mcculloug 72 GS 455 Convertible

    Looks great. Love the color. My 72 GS convert is in primer , awaiting Spring for panel alignment and paint. I hope I can get it to look this nice. :beers2:
  17. MichaelH

    MichaelH Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys! My grandmother remarked the car looks better than it did when she bought it. I can't argue, even the rallye wheels make a world of difference compared to the hubcaps she bought with the car. I say you can't beat those original Buick wheels - they just look so right on these cars. Sean did a great job on the body and paint. I can't wait to see finished photos of the '67 GS Black Widow II he worked on. That car is going to be a killer.
  18. 72RivGS

    72RivGS Well-Known Member

    Michael that last picture you posted looks amazing. Beautiful car. :beer
  19. MichaelH

    MichaelH Well-Known Member

    Swapping out the motor:
    rear end is next:

    I'm obviously not going for concourse level here, but I will be re-plating my brake booster and rebuilding the AC compressor at some point, new washer and coolant overflow tanks too. There is so much more to do, I am ready for winter to be over!
  20. duker

    duker Active Member

    Love your pictures, wish mine was in as good a shape as yours.
    I found way more problems than I had expected.


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