73 Apollo Quasi FAST Project Weight Reduction Tips/Tricks

Discussion in 'Stock Appearing' started by NickEv, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. NickEv

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    So i am trying to build a fun weekened car out of my 75,000 oriignal mile Buick Apollo
    Its going to stay a small block 350 powerplant
    I purchased a 350 combo from a person who ran mid 13's up here at Bandimere
    After blueprinting it,and gaining some power along with some other tricks,where hoping to get into the 12s up here
    His skylark weighed 3600 or so according to him
    Id like the car with me in it, to be 300 pds lighter or more than he was(3300lbs race ready )
    Im trying to make it look like original but with some concessions in terms of factory parts
    It will has a T/A dual plane aluminum intake, heavily ported, painted withT/A's lettering deleted and factory marks added in the right spots
    It has factory appearing ignition,carb,etc,but i will try to add some custom headers as at my altitude i cant afford to lose any power(Im in Denver:(
    Also it will have a true drag radial (although not overly wide)to help it 60 ft well
    Looking into/planning on running aluminum wheels painted with poverty caps installed

    I know about things such as excess brackets,uneccesary options,but im afterideas that are maybe a littlle less common or less thought of
    I have seen where some folks run aluminum bumper brackets,but i cant get aftermarket glass bumpers ,so will theses support the weight of steel?
    Looking into/planning on aluminum wheels painted with poverty caps
    Rear regulators are gone and windows bolted up i n place
    Radio is there for looks but gutted behind face plate
    All sound deadening is gone from inside as well as from carpet and seats ahve been lightened a little as well
    I fanyone ahs any ideas im all ears?
    I understand some secrets maybe not wanting to be told out in the open,so if anyone would like they can pm me
    Im not looking to run any class per say,so im no threat to any racers lol
    Just a guy tryin to get his stock looking Buford to run well up on the hill and maybe raise an eyebrow or two in the process
  2. Doworkson!

    Doworkson! I Like Torque!!!

    I posted a bunch of info on your other thread.
  3. N360LL

    N360LL milehi71Stage1

    I'd say that you are on the right track about making the Apollo run in the 12's on the mountain. The best thing to remember is that there are so many Nova guys out there that have done all sorts of stuff that you can simply gather and apply those ideas to your benefit. And having one that is in the F.A.S.T. mold is nifty.

    The threads about the cars that run in F.A.S.T. are always interesting. You might want to PM Dave Dudek and the guys and ask them some questions.

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