'75 Riviera vs 2014 Escape Titanium

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    So this is fresh off the streets as of about half an hour ago. My car's been out of order for about 2 weeks due to alternator problems on and off. Got my alternator back from the shop and threw it in and went out, finally! I promised my buddy a ride in it when it was running again so we went out for a while, then we decided to put our cars to the test. He went home and pulled his 2014 Escape Titanium AWD with the 2.0L turbo and away we went around midnight.

    Since it's this late on a Thursday there's really nobody out, and the traffic lights are smart enough to keep main roads green all the time so finding a nice place to line up was tough. In the meantime, we were side by side and I'd know when he was punching the gas because I could hear that turbo spooling up, so I was always right up there with him which was surprising. I wasn't expecting to keep up as well as I did when we were rolling. Eventually we pull up to a red light and get ready.

    Now, my only experience with drag racing was a couple years ago with my parents little manual hatchback and my strategy was rev to enough and dump the clutch. The auto in the Riviera is new to me, so I tried brake torquing a bit here. Spun the tires quite a bit and was playing catch up this time. Not for long though.

    Next time we line up, we both watch the opposite side turn yellow. My buddy's got his launch control on and I hear the turbo spooling up. I went without brake torquing this time for obvious reasons. Light turns green and I chirp the tires a bit but I'm gone. Almost immediately see my buddy in the rear view, probably 2 or 3 car lengths back. He pulls back up full of excuses :). We went at it a couple more times on our ways home. Once we were dead even all the way down and the next I smoked him again.

    I have no clue what any previous owner has done for this car, but I'm assuming its stock. Doesn't sound like it has a cam, and everything looks original. My buddy's car is stock too, so assuming this 455 is making stock power, I'm very impressed. The Escape puts up 240hp and 270lb/ft of torque with AWD, traction control, launch control, the whole nine. My car is 1000lbs heavier, and (allegedly) makes 200hp and 350lb/ft of torque. I also have yet to time and tune it up a bit, it sputters at WOT and I think it runs a bit rich, so I'm surprised at how well it held up against a car with new technology and power. The times I really got him were the times I didn't spin my tires. That torque at such a low rev range is ridiculous.

    Now just imagine where I'd be if I didn't have the compression ratio of a lawnmower! :D
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    Really enjoyed this post as I also had a 2014 Escape Titanium with the 2.0 Turbo motor & 2WD. (I have a 2018 now). I had the 2014 to the track once after installing the K&N cold air package which was the only mod to the drivetrain. It went 14.85 & 92 MPH best time. This was with the traction control and the A/C off and launching at about 2000 RPM which was just where the turbo began to make boost. Most of the 1/4 mile estimates back in 2014 were in the low 15s to high, high 14s at about 90 MPH.

    So, if your Riv stayed with and even pulled the Escape I'd suggest the motor was probably warmed over a bit. I don't recall the 1/4 mile times for the low compression Rivs of the day but doubt they could go 15 flat in th 1/4. Anyone have some stats?

    By the way, what feature on the 2014 Escape are you referring to as "launch control"? Mine had paddle shifters and traction control but nothing referred to as launch control.
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    I did notice that there are some vacuum lines not there on the engine, I’m guessing that has to do with emissions and probably got yanked for that reason. Also not sure how much of a difference it would make, but one of the previous owners cut the cat off and put a side pipe on. Also I believe I read on some website that the 0-60 time for a stock 1975 riviera was something like 10.5 seconds, so you’re probably right in saying the engine has had some work. I’ll just keep believing it’s as close to stock as possible unless proven otherwise because it’s more impressive that way :).

    I’m not familiar with the escapes, so when he was saying he was launching at however many RPMs I just assumed he had launch control. Most of the sportier cars my friends have all have some form of launch control so I figured he must as well, but sounds like that’s not a thing in the escape. Don’t think he has paddle shifters though, that would be pretty fun in that car! Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for the reply!
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    I liked the 2014 Escape so much I bought a 2018 in AWD. Same HP but much better traction at steep boat ramps for my bass boat. I have a programmer for this one that boosts HP to a claimed 290. I haven't taken it to the track yet but my 1/4 mile timer on my iPhone says it goes 14.3 at 97 MPH. It's a lot of fun.
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    I do know the pellet converters that GM used in ‘76 were very restrictive. I had a ‘79 T/A with the Olds 403 and 2.41 gears. Looser torque converter and cat delete allowed it to run 14.90s at 92 like clockwork. (Published times were closer to 16s for 403s, 15s for 400 Pontiac equipped ones). That and a good curve on the distributor and she might run 15s. We had a ‘76 Electra in BSA a few years ago that qualified at 16.60...
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