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Discussion in 'Holley' started by Kenny462, Jun 21, 2016.

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    rebuilt 750 holley and it ran worse than before????????????????? finally in despereatiion I took it my friendly holley rebuilder and have decided to go with new holley main body. comes without choke horn and all the above crap looks like a mini dominator. all nice and smooth into the throat of my BBB. hope just right for my new cowl induction system. Will keep you posted for the results. FYI I drove 200 miles to a plating shop in Eastern,CO. When I left the plater it was 102* but when I got back to Denver my temp read on the car was 108* 97 SCRiv flew down to the flat lands at 85&90 at spurts. Another Buick lover well pleased. Now if only I can my 72BBB to perform as well. Ken still going to retire to wash and wax.Ken 462

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