800cfm 455 Quadrajets, Qty 4 restored and for sale

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  1. techg8

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    I have recently completed rebuilding and restoring qty 4 800cfm Quadrajets #7042240 (1972 Buick 455)

    All have received our complete rebuild service, including throttle shaft bushings and live test firing. They are ready to install and run! Stock calibration 73jets 48Brods, CT secondary rods.

    Performance recalibration available, provide your cam specs.
    Electric choke conversions available, $90 additional.

    V8buick pricing ($550 ea on ebay)
    $475 shipped in USA for date codes

    $450 shipped in USA for date code 2241 - This carburetor core wasn't as fine as the others, the finished product shows some texture and some blemished finish, but it functions as new.

    Don't get in line here, CALL 860-218-5780 and request the V8Buick pricing!

  2. PaulGS

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    Bought one from Ken, works GREAT!

    Buy with confidence.
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