86 Buick Regal T-Type (46K miles)

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  1. Horsman

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    Very rare white with red interior. Car has 46K original miles. 2010 BCA Gold winner. Car is very nice and drives perfect. Since I have owned the car I have done some tasteful modifications and replaced several wear items that were needed due to the cars age. Have tons of previous owner docs and BCA awards. Asking $25K or best offer. Car is located in Dallas, Texas. Please send a PM if you have any questions or interest. Thanks!
    IMG_0913.JPG IMG_0910.JPG IMG_0911.JPG IMG_0909.JPG IMG_0908.JPG IMG_0912.JPG
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  2. Buizila

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    Nice car! Good luck with the sale.
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  3. Horsman

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    Car is very clean and Texas dry, open to offers. TTT
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  4. Horsman

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    Free delivery to Bowling Green 2019.
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  5. Horsman

    Horsman Well-Known Member

    Free delivery to Bowling Green 2020.
  6. johnriv67

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    Ever taken it down the 1/4 mile? Or too nice for it?
  7. Horsman

    Horsman Well-Known Member

    No John, I never had the desire to run it down the track, I have had others in the past and know how fast they are. This car is very clean!
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    Sent you PM
  9. eagleguy

    eagleguy 1971 Skylark Custom

    Just saying but my 1986 T-Type was one of the fastest and nicest cars I have owned! Just could not replace my want for a big block. GLWS
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  10. Horsman

    Horsman Well-Known Member

    In response to some inquires about the modifications/ improvements, here is the list below.
    All coolant hoses
    160 degree t/stat
    Drive belt
    Tensioner bearing
    Oil cooler lines
    Power steering hoses
    Water pump
    Intercooler hoses
    Alky injection
    Valve stem seals
    Valve cover gaskets
    Fuel pump with hotwire
    RJC downpipe and cat delete
    Timing chain
    Pillar mount and console mount VDO gauges
    Bilstein shocks
    Kirban braces
    New dual exhaust

    Thanks for all the interest in the car.

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